Network and Firewall Support.

Businesses rely heavily on computer networking to stay competitive and efficient. Computer networking is the backbone of a company’s communication and operations.

Firewalls are powerful asset when trying to control the kinds of interactions a network has with the rest of the internet, as it prevents data packets from entering or exiting a network.

However, if your network and firewall are not optimised, they create a place for malicious data to enter a network or enable users to access dangerous sites.

Network and firewall support, utilise the knowledge and experience from our team of experts to prevent this from happening.

Our team will configure, manage, and monitor your network and firewall for your organisation. They can also handle deployment from start to finish and manage any issues that pop up.

This identifies the gaps in your current security system and can implement remediation actions to address vulnerabilities. We provide oversight into your network activity using comprehensive monitoring and find ways to optimise your bandwidth usage, overall improving performance and reducing costs.